Felting Classes - Offered in Both: English and German!

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Explore the world of felting and improve your German!

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New felting classes – offered in both: English and German!
Yearning for a morning or evening all to yourself and a chance to improve your German conversational skills? If so, come join us at aki n. Filzschule where we will explore the world of felting; creating exciting projects from nothing more than wool, water and a bit of soap! Take private lessons or create your own group at a time convenient to you
Since Filzschule aki n. has moved to Düsseldorf-Angermund we are close to Internationel School and Kaiserswerth (about 10 min. by car).


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private lessons 40€/hour (materials and coffee/tea inclusive)
3 hours for two people 80€ (materials and coffee/tea inclusive)
3 hours for three people 120€ (materials and coffee/tea inclusive)
3 hours for four people 140€ (materials and coffee/tea inclusive)
larger Groups may ask for individual arrangements.

Hinweise zur Barrierearmut

Die Filzschule liegt im Hochparterre und ist über fünf Stufen mit Handlauf zu erreichen. Wenn dies ein Problem für Sie darstellt, komme ich auf Wunsch auch zu Gruppen/Einrichtungen an einen Ort Ihrer Wahl heraus.

Refugees Welcome

At the moment you can only book private lessons. During holidays there are possibilities to have felting lessons at refugee camps, too. Please contact me if there are a few people who are really interested.

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