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Tischbein’s painting of Goethe with the hiker’s hat in front of the panorama of the Albanian mountains even today still conveys to us the image of the author as a hiker. As one who crosses ruins, climbs the Brocken, ascends Mount Vesuvius.

But the author is also driven by “reverse homesickness”, and the inclination to go far away, “so far, far away”, also comes up again and again in conversations, letters, and verses. And Goethe – in armchair travels – is also drawn to places he only knows from books, like the landscapes of the “Orient”.

Next to the River Thames? On top of the Matterhorn? In Milan? Quiz your way through the museum and the places Goethe visited – or did he? The prizes are exotic luggage stickers, and then you will send Goethe around the world in your drawings.


18 September 2022, 4 – 5 p.m. Please contact us to arrange further dates.


Architektur Design und Grafik Literatur und Philosophie

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Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos.

Altersempfehlung: 6 - 99 Jahre



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